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Help England Win World Cup 2010

The England Football team qualified for the World Cup in blistering style and Fabio Capello looks unshakable. For the first time in a long time England actually look in decent enough shape, form and attitude to win this years World Cup. I think there are two big ways that the supporters can give England a boost and help them to win for the first time since 1966.

  1. Campaign for Keith Allen to write the Official World Cup Song
  2. Boycott any press or media that deliberately sets out to sabotage the plans and preparation of the team, Fabio Capello and the FA

Let me explain………….

Firstly, Keith Allen has to write the song! When England has a good song behind them they do better in international competitions. Simples! Think about how we did in World Cup Italia ’90. Semi finals, lost on penalties – should have gone to the final and maybe even won. The song then was World in Motion. In Euro ’96 England got to the semi-finals. Again we lost on penalties, should have gone to the final. The Song then was "Three Lions".   

Keith Allen co-wrote "World In Motion" with New Order. He was also a member of band Fat Les, along with artist Damien Hirst and Blur bassist Alex James and co wrote "Vindaloo" which came out for World Cup 1998. These are two of the best football songs of the last 20 years. He was also co wrote "England’s Irie", which came out in 1996. 

For the 2006 World Cup Campaign we had the awful coma inducing World at Your Feet by Embrace. So what happened? We lost in the Quarter Finals and failed to qualify for Euro 2008.

If Keith Allen was behind the Official England World Song we’d be sure to have a big tune. This would definitely be a big boost and spur on the fans and team  In addition I think that they should re-release World in Motion and Three Lions and Vindaloo as a combined mini EP download and on CD so you can buy the best footy songs together at the same time.

Simon Cowell has to keep his gold encrusted oar out!


Secondly, why do the British press have the urge to arse things up for everyone?! Don’t they want England to win? What’s the point? The "Fake Sheik" fiasco hatched by morons at the Sun in before the World Cup in 2006 to catch out Sven Goran Eriksson was the ultimate in "cutting your nose off to spite your face" lunacy that we need to avoid. To give England the best chance the press has fight this urge to arse things up for everyone. Please! If they don’t we should boycott that publication for the duration of this world cup! Lets see how they like it if their circulation suffers as a result.


Here are the videos for the current best England Footy songs! Enjoy!


England New Order: World in Motion

Fat Les: Vindaloo

Skinner Baddiel and the Lightning Seeds: Three Lions


The Embrace song failed to inspire, but more than that. It failed spark any of the electrical impulses in your brain required to feel enjoyment or even consciousness. When the song is playing you get a near perfect indication of what life would be like post temporal lobotomy. I believe that this failed to spark the nation which in turn failed to spark the team leading to the sub mediocre performance of England in the World Cup in Germany 2006 but also contributed to England not qualifying for Euro 2008. This is a big allegation, but lets be honest here. The song was shite. Here it is….please don’t watch then operate any heavy machinery

Embrace : World at Your Feet