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Counterpoint – Delphic


Delphic are probably my favourite of the new bands and the one i'm looking forward to hearing more of in in 2010. They came third in the BBC's Sound of 2010, which should mean that they will be all over the airwaves! Their current single is called "Doubt" but I thought I'd upload their song "Counterpoint", which was their second single for all of you.

Delphic are a Manchester based band, which means that they have a lot to live up to! Two members of the band (Richard Boardman and Matt Cocksedge) went to the same school as me but this there is no bias to this recommendation!

They are a lot younger than myself and have never met them. I chose this song, "Counterpoint", as draws parallels with the great Manchester band New Order. It also reminds me of Bloc Party towards the end, which is good thing!


Their debut album, "Acolyte" is released tommorrow (11th January 2010) so be sure to grab yourselves a copy! K*