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Jamie T

Jamie T is what you get when you mix The Streets with Arctic Monkeys add some hip hip and ska rhythms and a dash of Johnny Rottens sneer into the bargain. This will be the third time that i’m gonna see Mr T play with both previous times being excellent it’s going to be ace. This time with his latest album "Kings and Queens" under his belt so tunes like "Sticks and Stones" and "Chaka Demus" (a brilliant name!) will be thrown into the mix and the dancefloor is gonna bounce.

I’m mostly looking forward to him playing "Salvador" being the first song that I heard of his and still love it to this day. Here is a live vid of said tune to show you what is gonna go down.

Please ignore the audience in this video – they seem to have gathered a hoard of lobotomised goons that clearly dont want to be there! When i’m there we’re gonna jump around like loons!