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The A-Team

Whilst working in a mind numbing, spirt crushing summer job in a good few years ago I started a "If the A-Team was made into a film, which actors should play the lead characters" conversation with the guys in the office. This was the source of heated debate but actually helped fight the tedium of […]

The Karate Kid

There is no reason what so ever to remake the Karate Kid. That said, however, i’m excited about this especially with Jackie Chan as the Mr Miyagi character and being set in China. There are unfortunately two gaping flaws with with this fim. The first is that this is blatantly not Karate, it’s Kung-fu. The […]


This is on here at ther request of my very good Scottish friend, Chads, who for some reason supports South Africa. I think it has something to do with being on an extended holiday there when he was younger (9 or 10 days)! But seriously, this looks to be a  great film and there is […]

STOOPID! Ben and Kobi

I went snowboarding last year to Morzine in a group of 26 people and had a lot of fun and nearly broke my head in the process. In that week filmed us all on the mountain and the resulting film was the snowboarding epic STOOPID!. This is a chapter from STOOPID! with my mate Ben, […]

Toy Story 3

You know what is gonna happen. The Toys come to life when people arent about. They are gonna argue, one toy will get separated from the rest and/or broken and one the others will have to go on a massive adventure to find/ fix them. You know it will be piss funny!   K*