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You may not have heard about "The XX" but you should have. Simple as. They first entered my radar when they remixed Florence and the Machine's "You Got the Love" as posted earlier here on

The XX are championing their own brand of chilled lo-fi indie and see no need to overcomplicate a song, writing tracks that are perfect for a lazy lie in or a sunny day in a hammock. Hailing from Wandsworth in London, they went to the same school as "Hot Chip" and dub step pioneer "Burial" – who was nominated for a Mercury in the year that Elbow won for "Seldom Seen Kid" 

After releasing their debut album "XX" in the August of 2009 they have slowly been gaining popularity and critical acclaim, most recently being given the front page of The NME. I first listened to a few of their tracks at the end of last year and liked what I heard but didn't investigate further, more fool me. Please dont make the same mistake. After catching this song "VCR" on the radio a couple of weeks ago the album has been on constant play. Get involved with the rest of the album ASAP YO!