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Love Eighties Films? Get Involved with Film 4

Who doesn’t love 80’s films?! You have the hair, the music, the clothes, the dancing, the technology and the quotes that make you laugh your ass off. One of my favourite moments in 80’s films is when they pull a massive grey "mobile" phone out of their briefcase and arrange appointments in their FiloFaxes. After which they pull out their ghetto blaster, pop a cassette into a deck and clunk down on the play button, pressing with enough force to crack a breezeblock. As they stroll off down the street with the ghetto blaster on their shoulder weighing the same as a family car, look at the expression on their faces. You can tell they are thinking “This is shit. I wish someone would hurry up and invent the iPhone. It would have made the last half hour of my life so much easier, my back is breaking here”.  

Anyways I digress. Film 4 are going to be showing three 80’s films a day for the next 2 weeks starting from Monday 15th of February. Looking at the adverts the season includes such classics as Cocktail, Working Girl, Top Gun and Footloose.  Tomorrow starts with a belter with a triple bill that includes the world’s best ever film “Ferris Beullers Day Off” yay!!


Have a look at the films coming up in the next week and get involved ya’ll! The following synopses are taken from the Film4 website, some with slight modifications by


Monday 15th Feb

Romancing the Stone 1984

Michael Douglas plays the poor mans Indiana Jones, helping Kathleen Turner search for her kidnapped sister in Colombia, in Robert Zemeckis' classic comedy-adventure caper.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off 1986

Matthew Broderick stars as the truant Ferris, enjoying a day of freedom with buddy Alan Ruck, and oh so fine girlfriend Mia Sara and a borrowed red Ferrari in John Hughes' classic teen comedy. Mega Tip Top

Mona Lisa 1986

Bob “It’s good to talk” Hoskins stars as an ex-con contracted to guard high-class hooker Cathy Tyson, but she's the one who needs his help. Strong language/sexual scenes/violence.


Tuesday 16th February

Explorers 1985

Ethan Hawke and River Phoenix star as kids who invent a craft that can travel through solid matter. But both human and alien authorities are in pursuit…based on a true story…NOT!

Planes, Trains and Automobiles 1987

Uptight businessman Steve Martin and super-slob John Candy become inexorably hooked up as they battle to get home for Thanksgiving in John Hughes' warm comedy. Strong language.

Witness 1985

Harrison Ford stars as a tough cop guarding two murder witnesses – gentle Amish mother Kelly McGillis and her son – from the killers out to silence them. Violence/strong language. I think she gets her boobs out.


Wednesday 17th February

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home 1986

Directed and starring Leonard Nimoy. With the USS Enterprise destroyed, Spock, Kirk, Scotty and Dr McCoy have been in exile on Vulcan, awaiting trial for disobeying orders.


James Cameron directs with Sigourney Weaver back as Ripley, heading a force to the planet where she first met the Alien – only to find a whole colony.

The Naked Gun 1988

Leslie Nielsen stars as the hapless Lt Frank Drebin with Priscilla Presley as the love interest in this madcap comedy from the makers of Airplane!


Thursday 18th February

Three Men and a Baby 1987

Leonard Nimoy's classic comedy stars Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg and Ted "Horseface"Danson as three bachelors who suddenly find they're left literally holding the baby. During the 80's Sellecks tache was so large it occupied a whole area code 90210a.

The War of the Roses 1989

Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner (again??) star in Danny DeVito's black comedy as a divorcing couple whose battles gets more and more vicious as each escalates the stakes.

The Accused 1988

Jodie Foster plays a raped woman who engages Kelly McGillis to fight her case against the men who goaded her attackers on. Adults only: very strong language/sexual violence.


Friday 19th February

A Room with a View 1985

Helena Bonham Carter stars in this Merchant/Ivory film as an innocent on holiday in Florence where a meeting with Julian Sands leads to romance.

Footloose 1984

Kevin Bacon plays a teenager who moves from Chicago to a small town where rock music and dancing is banned. Can he persuade the town elders to change their minds? The answer is yes…….

Black Rain1989

Michael Douglas and Andy Garcia star in Ridley Scott's thriller as two New York cops hunting down a yakuza gangster in Osaka after he escapes their custody. Strong language/violence.