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Rage Against the Machine

Rage Against the Machine come to the UK for a massive gig and all for FREE!!  This is in honour of the promise that they made before christmas that if they won the fight to become the Christmas Number Single  they would play a free gig. Well, they won with the smashing tune  "Killing In The Name Of" and in doing so destroyed the dreams and hopes of  Joe "pixie Geordie eunuch" McElderry and the evil X-Factor Dynasty.

This is a recent live video of Rage in action. Just before christmas and their impending UK chart victory in which they beat the Simon "The World's Smuggest" Powell they appeared on the BBC's Radio 5 Live with this Live performance.

They were asked to perform Killing in the Name Of, but they were also asked not to swear and the BBC believed them! Ha! They swore and were cut off the show. Rage, however, recorded the performance and here is the full uncensored performance for you all to enjoy!