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The Brand New Apple Macbook Wheel

Most people who know me are aware of my unwavering indifference towards all things Apple. The iPod, the iMac, the iPhone, the risible iPad, the iTampon and the iTurd all have the impressive ability to induce pant-wetting hysteria in large amounts of the worlds population. Swiftly followed by handing over their credit cards details to Steve Jobs directly withe feverish glee. 

I love to laugh at the pantomime unveilings of the latest Apple "gizgets" in the worlds largest auditorium with the worlds largest screen by the worlds most unfashionable man. I do have to sigh though as I know seconds later i'll be faced with this kind of chat.

Apple Goon: Have you seen the latest version of the iGambit? 

Me: No. Should I have?

AG: Yeah its like soooo cool. Its a millimeter and half shorter and weighs almost 348 micrograms less and comes in a choice of white. The best bit is that is only costs twice as much as the nearest competitor, which is actually a better product!

Me: Please, never speak to me again.

Anyways I digress. Its without further ado I present to you the new Apple Macbook Wheel…


Ha ha ha!



Ps I should point out that if the latest version of the iPhone is actually any good when it comes out later this year I may well get one…double standards ahoy!