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Flight of the Conchords

Strictly, I shouldn't be writing about this yet as I haven't got tickets yet, but I know a man who knows someone who could kill to get a ticket for me. In the best possible manner of course! Who for you ask? Well – none other than New Zealands 4th most popular folk pop crossover and the inventors of Kiwi Hip-Hop……. FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS!!

If you havent heard of them then you should watch the above video from their HBO special. Flight of the Conchords (FOTC) are Jermaine Clements and Brett McKenzie who in the real world are New Zealand comedo-musicians. In the TV world they are two guys trying to make a living in the Big Apple, but failing hard and hilariously.

I have waited years to see these guys live and am massively excited to see that they have finally come to the UK. The video clip above isn't my favourite FOTC track but its the first one I heard and have loved them since. That means that it should be a good starting point for anyone!


Its Business Time!!