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MGMT: Flash Delirium


Brooklyn indie synth duo MGMT are stepping back into the mix in full effect with the release of their second album "Congratulations" in the middle of April. JP and I spoke to the chaps recently and fixed it so that all people that read and subscribe to can get a  FREE DOWNLOAD of their latest single, Flash Delirium. WOO – EXCLUSIVE!!

Ok, so we didn't speak to them and  they are offering the free download to anyone that can breathe unassisted and has access to t'internet but I bet this is the first you are hearing about this?

Alls that you have to do is click on the link above and then click another button on their site and then scream "abracadabra!" and the internet fairies will deliver their shiny, spangly, jangly mp3 to your desktop.

You should all get it not because its free but because its lovely! Then buy the album when it comes out and you'll have a great summer! Yay!