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Karima Francis: The Author


WOW! Karima can wail!!

I was told about Ms Francis by Michelle and after one listen to her album "The Author" I knew had to accompany her and her mate Emma to Karima's Gig, at Band On the Wall on Wednesday 24th March.

Karima is Blackpool born and bred, 75% hair, 20% smile with the remaining 5% being used to hold and play the guitar. All of her is lovely. The start of the gig was slightly marred by technical issues that meant her favourite guitar just wouldn't work. Karima was genuinely concerned "I just wanted everything to be perfect for tonight" she said to the audience, "I feel like i want to give you all your money back". The whole of the Band on the Wall(BotW) management held their collective breath. "No it's fine, don't worry" we all cooed back, the BotW management breathed a huge sigh of relief.

A short time later "the man with the long hair" managed to get things working, albeit with her back up guitar, and cracked into her first song of the evening, "Francis".


There were many high points, with one of the most poignant coming when she sang the title track of her album "The Author" which is why I have used this song for this post. The whole crowd stood there, gobsmacked in silent disbelief. Well, apart from Emma who was stood there, stern faced, recording it on her camera thinking "this is gonna get me some hits on Youtube!". I've never seen anyone moved to tears by singing but sure enough to the left of me during "The Author" there was a yound lady crying. I assume it was because of the music, but I didn't ask her so she could well have just stubbed her toe.

For the rest of the gig Karima was apologetic for the slightly shakey start, but to be honest I dont think anyone was fussed. The audience did manage to use this to their advantage when a blonde lady got down on her knees and begged for her version of "Use Somebody" by "Kings of Leon". I included a video of her singing this in this post and please take the time to have a look so that you get the full idea.

I would love to see a duet between her and Anthony and the Johnsons that would be a fantastic dichotomy.

The whole gig was bigged up by two well chosen support acts in "I am Blackbird" and my favourite "Seerauber Jenny" and their minaturised version of a pre "Footloose" Kevin Bacon with bleached hair .