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Lady Gaga and Beyonce: Telephone

There are so many questions to be asked about Lady Gaga

Q. Is she a man or a woman? A. Probably a woman to be honest – don’t be mean!

Q. If she is a woman is she fit? A. Yes but only because she is famous and wears extraordinarily small pants and little else. If she worked at the counter of you local post office you wouldn’t look at her twice.

Q. Is she insane or just plain crazy? A. Gaga by name, Gaga by nature just look at the picture to the right with Beyonce.


Q. Is she talented? A. Well there’s definitely something about her

Q. Is the video for her latest single “Telephone” with Beyonce with car-crash or genius? A. They have done something that means I can’t take my eyes of it. Maybe it’s hypnotic. I kept on finding myself thinking, “What is she doing?”, “Why are they wearing that??” and “Really?” 

Well there you have it. Tell me you don't feel slightly violated!