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Arnie Quotes

In case you didn't know it Arnold Schwarzenegger is the Governor of California. The Terminator is Governor of California. Conan the Barbarian is in charge of Hollywood. Kindergarten Cop resides over San Francisco! He cam to office in 2003 and its still ridiculous, only in America can Mr Universe hold office without any hint of irony. I think he's smarter than that. Mark my words, one day in the next year he will take to the podium and saying "Ladies and Gentlemen. I have been fucking with you for 7 years and you all seem to love it. You are all sooo dumb". 

OK so thats a crappy quote, but here are 160 of Arnie's best ever film quotes from before he became sultan of Los Angeles. Cheers to Joe Brown for pointing this out. It's ace!