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The Heavy

No sooner do you think that the "Brit Gangster Flick" was dead and gone then one steps up and gives you a smack in the chops! "The Heavy" is due out on 16th April 2010 and tells the story of a gangland henchman called "Boots" who steps comes out of prison and decides to leave his shady past behind, which is commendable. Unfortunately he must do one last job. Typical you say, there's always one last job!

The twist comes in the fact that he has a brother, Christian, who is already doing very well for himself on the straight and narrow. So well in fact that he is favourite to be the next Prime Minister. Unfortunately Boots' last assignment is to kill his brother in a relationship already frought with difficulties. It was Christian's testimony that sent him to prison in the first place. I'd hate to be there for Christmas dinner!

The Heavy brings together an impressive cast with Brit Gangster Flick stalwart Vinnie Jones, Christopher Lee, Sadie Frost and er… Lee Ryan… who used be off of boy band "Blue". Gary Stretch, who appeared in Dead Man's Shoes, plays the lead character with Paul Oakenfold providing the music. Definately worth a visit to the cinema!