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Parklife Festival

This summer is gonna be great. It has to be, simples. The last 3 summers all promised much but failed to deliver. They started with a surprising weekend of sunshine in the middle of April during which people lose their heads. Barbecues came out, sunglasses come out, pasty bellies come out and the girls all suddenly become fitter! On the Sunday night the sun jumps behind a massive grey cloud – “you’ll not see me again until next year” it sniggers. As is write this it is such a weekend, I’m sat in Platt Fields Park, which is celebrating its Centenary, spitting distance from my gaff, the sun is out, the barbecues are out, the bellies are out and the fit birds are out.

This year it’s going to different to the last three. In two months time on Saturday 12th June Parklife Festival comes to the very same park that I am currently sat in in Manchester.

The stages will be erected a few metres from where I am now with, Friendly Fires, Roni Size, Sub Focus, Kele from Bloc Party, Erol Alkan, Calvin Harris, Goldie, Egyptian Hip Hip, Skream and Benga and a shed load more acts taking the helm. As you can see there is a huge variety of acts that will be rocking out in Manchester that day


To top it all off it’s the day of England’s first game in the World Cup against the USA and there’s going to be a massive screen showing the match. It simply has to be a great summer and that weekend will be the start of it.

Here is a great live clip of Roni Size to whet your appetite for those of you that are already coming and to help persuade those who are on the fence to get off your asses and buy a ticket!!

For those with more of an indie dance leaning have a gander at headliners Friendly Fires

I'll be there with massive gang of people, its going to be great! Get involved and see you there!