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Best Coast: When I’m With You


Best Coast should be on the soundtrack for every American independent youth love angst films from now until the end of the world. If you like the likes of “Garden State”, “Juno”, “500 Days of Summer” or “Youth in Revolt” (which you should as they are all mega) then Best Coast will fit you like a glove.

They are a Californian trio headed by guitarist and singer Bethany Cosentino who started the band with her mate Bobb Bruno upon her return from a stint on exile (erm…college actually) in New York. The lack of sun, sand and surf in the Big Apple provided the inspiration for Bethany to form Best Coast, who quickly realised that that Brooklyn was cold and full of fake people! was lucky enough to be invited to their Manchester Gig at “Deaf Institute” on 7th May. Despite a slightly shaky start, during which Bethany’s microphone was set to “Dalek” mode the show proves to be a great re-introduction to band that had only been previously listened to in poor format mp3. Bethany’s voice and lyrical candour really shine when live – it was hard not to be transported to sunnier, surfier climes whilst she was singing. This is something that is quite often lost in the recorded versions available for streaming on the internet. It’s hoped that these can be translated better for any album that is recorded in the future and for any soundtrack that they grace.

Bobb’s wistfully understated guitar skills helped to augment the South Cali summer vibe set out by Bethany. We found out early in the show that he was in a lot of pain and needed to go to an emergency dentist. It didn’t seem to bother him!

Best coast finished on this track “When I’m With You”, which is magnificent girls point of view of a youthful crush. In the days since the gig It’s been confirmed that it will be on the “Garden State 2: Back to Jersey” soundtrack next to “The Shins”………possibly.