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Egyptian Hip Hop: Rad Pitt


Let's get this right from the start. These guys arent from Egypt and they aint Hip Hop either… They are from Manchester (la la la) and deal in lo fi Indie-rave. A kinda toned down version of the Klaxons if you will.

Egyptian Hip Hop are ganging up with other Manchester bands "Hurts", "Everything Everything" and of  course the mighty "Delphic" in a bid to take over the rest of the UK and the world. So how come the name "Egyptian Hip Hop" then?? Well – why not yo?

If you are struggling to think up the name of your band you can definately follow their lead. All you need to do is grab two hats, filling one with names of  countries and era's and fill the other with styles of music, dance and art etc. Pick one from each hat and voila – you have your name. I'm doing this as I write this post and here are a few of my favourites.

  • Somalian Dubstep
  • Mongolian Lambada
  • Scouse Embroidery
  • Medieval Techno
  • Malaysian Parkour

So yeah….EHH are currently are currently all 18years old or under, the bastards, and struggling to tour as well as college at the same time. "Rad Pitt" is their lead single but "Wild Human Child" child is also out and worth listening to for an example of their meatier sound.