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Akala: Yours and My Children


HOLD UP! Before you press play on this tune I just want to take a moment to ask you to pay attention to the lyrics. They are the song. Now press play dammit!

Akala is as London rapper who has been overshadowed in popular media by her older sis Ms Dynamite. In the wake of his impending 3rd album he is intent on showing the world that he has all growed up. The album "Double Think"  includes this provocative epic "Yours and My Children" came out on 3rd of May and was preceded by the lead single "XXL".

The story of this came tune comes from the time that Akala spent in the favelas (slums) in Brazil, where he found that inspite of the poverty, drugs guns and violence he was welcomed with open arms everywhere. It is here where the police and government don't give a flying fuck about the people often resorting to such extreme actions as exterminating the street children.

His experiences there lead him to think about how the various wars around the globe at any one time affect all the children around the whole world. Shouldn't we want to protect them all – Afghanistani, Iranian, Brazilian, Cockney – they're all yours and my children….surely?