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Mirrorkicks: Anything


I've been listening to "Mirrorkicks"  and their debut album "Mirrorkicks" for about a month now and am loving their style! In particular this tune "Anything". These guys are a sarf london four piece made up of school chums Anil, Edwin, Imran and Gerard who seem to have had a massive laugh makiing their first record. 

There's nothing complex on the album and i'm not saying thats a bad thing (look at Ting Tings) but there are plenty of riffs to hook you in and the lead singer, Anil, really goes for it testing his vocal range whilst carving a new indie-glam sub genre. It just a bit of fun!

What really impresses me is that these guys have done it by themselves by gigging hard and getting a name for themselves that and all reports say that their live shows are mega. They have been getting a name for themselves on XFM and are currently deciding what their fourth single will be.

You should go on thier website – they have a free MP3 download every month with this month being the acoustic version of this track. Check it out y'all!