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The Expendables

Hot Damn!!

I thought it was all about the new A-Team film this year. What on earth could beat that – it has to be the cinema event of the summer? Hasn't it? Well…..thing is…old Sylvester Stallone has been up to stuff! 

He must be having the best time of his life at the moment. In 2006 he was nobbing about and thought "I know – i'll do another Rocky Film" so he did. And it was pretty good! A couple of years later whilst having a massive poo (probably), he thought hey – i'm gonna do another "Rambo" film. And so he did!

His latest epiphany came whilst he was cleaning his oven (not 100% sure on that), he thought "now then, why dont I get a load of the best action heroes of all time together? I'll write in it, direct it and starr in it myself" And so he did! The result being "The Expendables"

Ha ha ha!

A few phone calls, Tweets and Facebook pokes later and the is lineup that he attracted. Jet Li, Jason “Locksnatch” Statham, Dolph “Drago” Lundgren, Mickey “9 ½” Rourke, Sylvester “Rockbo” Stallone, Bruce “whatchatalkinabout” Willis and Arnie! SAY WHAT?!? It would have been great to see Chuck Norris, Mr T, Steven Segal and Jean Claude Van Damn in that mix – but you have to leave room for the sequel eh?

There is a storyline but who gives a damn. All I want is some goodies fighting some baddies and everyone kicking seven shades of sheeeit out of each other! I don’t think that will be a problem!

The main question now is….who would win in a fight……….? Answers on a postcard!