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Big Boi: Shutterbugg


The friendship between Big Boi and Andre 3000 of Outkast has been rocky over the past few years fuelled mainly by Andre’s inane jealousy of Big Boi’s penis size. Not really – but they haven’t produced a decent collaborative album since 2000’s “Stankonia” that featured Ms Jackson and Bombs over Baghdad (B.O.B).

Even “Speakerboxxx/ The Love Below” can’t be seen as a collaborative effort as the Speakerboxxx side was essentially Big Boi’s side of the double album and The Love Below being Andre 3000’s. On first look it seamed that Andre was winning the Outkast post Stankonia war, not that there is a war, but you know what I mean. He is the more recognised of the pair and been in better feature films and his side of Speakerboxxx/The Love Below produced bigger singles, at least here in the UK. The Love Below gave us “Hey Ya” and the sublime “Roses” to Speakerboxxx’s “I like the Way you Move”.


Skipping over the movie album combo “Idlewild” Big Boi has come out fighting with this mega effort Shutter Bug. This is being played quite heavily on the airwaves at the moment and I love it every time I hear it! The video doesn’t give much indication to what the “Shutter Bug” dance move is but I’m taking it to be interpretive if you ever catch me around when this song is on then ill give you my interpretation of the verb “to Shutter Bug”. I’m shutter bugging right now – it is very difficult to Shutter Bug and type at the same time I have to admit!