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Philadelphia Grand Jury: The Good News


It's a bit of overkill for one post but these guys are awesome so I have uploaded the mp3 and two videos. You have to at least check out the first video which is them doing Jay-Z's "99 Problems" after a short funny interview on an Aussie radio station.

"Philadelphia Grand Jury" are an Australian band that look like they know how to have a laugh and not take themselves too seriously! They are mainly made up of two school friends MC Bad Genius (vocals) and Berkfinger (guitar/vocals ) who had been playing together with rotating cavalcade of drummes until settling with Calvin, a 54 year old african drummer that used to session with Earth, Wind and Fire. You can download the FREE 4 track EP, which includes this track "The Good News" if you click here, here or even here, but not here.


Berkfinger has got his fingers in a few other pies as a producer working with Wolfmother and Temper Trap (both bands from Oz). They describle themselves as independent punk soul – which sounds awesome!

Known as "The Philly Jays" to all their fans and are currently doing a mahoosive tour hitting lots of local small venues including places like Middlesbrough, Truro and Stornoway over the coming months. All the tickets look to be less than a fiver so check out the list of dates they have coming up on their Myspace or their offical site and see when they are coming to a gaff near you! They come to Night and Day in Manchester on October 1st and i'll be there. Let me know if you wanna go and we can maybe make a banner for them?

They have been described as one of the bands you must see before you die with the secret of their live shows being writing great songs and then playing them like its their last show ever. Every. Single. Time! So it should be a good gig!

I love the video for "The Good News" (Above)- i think it's mega from the start.