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Kristy Hanson: Wrong Way


I can’t explain why exactly but I have a massive penchant for female singer song writers. They make up a large percentage of my music collection and anything seems to go. I’m talking Nina Simone to Natalie Imbruglia to Erykah Badu to Kelis to Norah Jones to Amy Winehouse to The Sugababes (versions I and II only – I don’t recognise the current line-up and refuse to refer to them as “The Sugababes”). 

There are a few new ladies that have come to my attention since starting so I’m going to introduce you to them in a kind of “Kobestarr’s Womens Season” over the coming month or so! 

First up is Kristy Hanson who is from the US and currently lives in the LA. Her album “Into the Quiet” was released earlier this year and is a good foray into the world of folk pop influenced heavily by the likes of Joni Mitchell as well as Norah Jones. A lot of the funding for “Into the Quiet” actually came directly from her fans, giving an indication of how much people are loving her work. 

The release of her album has been timed to perfection and means that she can surf the Folk wave along with the likes of Laura Marling, Joanna Newsome and, from a male side, Mumford and Sons. Great company indeed! 

I have chosen the track “The Wrong Way” which should be playing now to feature on this post as it’s a small but measured departure from the majority of the album. “The Wrong Way” features her most urgent but at the same time effortless vocal performance on the album driving along with the overdriven guitar in the background that sets the upbeat tempo. It’s a great introduction to her music and what she is capable of. If you like the vibe take a step and click on this link to get to her website and preview the whole album.

As far as I know Kristy hasn’t stepped across the pond yet to tour in the UKbut she seems to be all over The States all of the time so my American based friends should find a gig that she is playing at soon and jump in there!