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Janelle Monae: Tightrope


When Janelle Monae first stepped out of the hairdressers with her hair fashioned as you can see now Elvis turned in his grave to get a better look. He muttered “uh huh huh” in approval and then turned to back to his eternal sleep.


The point is she has mad crazy Elvis hair and looks good with it! My good friend Tammy off of City of Lost Souls was the one to bring Janelle Monae to my attention and thanks very much to her for that. Janelle is the second lady in my womens season and resides in a completely different genre to Kristy Hanson who I talked about in a previous post. Janelle is a multi talented singing and dancing machine as you can see in the video for the tune of this post “Tightrope”.

She comes from Kansas City in the states before heading over to the Big Apple to study at a fame academy with the aim of living it up on Broadway musicals but then decided against it. She managed to hook up with Big Boi from Outkast who got her involved with their album “Idlewild”, which came out in 2006.

In 2007 Janelle released what was supposed to be the first of four concept EP’s called “Metropolis” with each release making up one of the suites, so the first release is Metropolice suite I. Following the success of this album she signed with Sean “Puff Diddy Daddy Poppa” Combs label “Bad Boy Records”. Poppa Diddy Pop argued against the EP release idea and as such her following release would be her first album “The ArchAndroid” which combines suites II and III.

This tune “Tightrope” is not only mega but is also the name of her own self invented dance move and one that I’ll be busting out over the next few years! Check out the two videos below for examples on how to do the The Tightrope. The first is a remix of the tune that you should be hearing right now and features the flows of both B.o.B and Kobestarr fave Lupe Fiasco.

This second video is the original one that features Big Boi and a load of scary monster type things with mirrors for faces!! “Let me see you do the Tightrope”…..