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Lissie: In Sleep (Live)


Hey y’all! Sorry, Ive been a way for a while, but I’ve been busy writing so watch this space as the posts will be coming in thick and fast for the next few weeks at least!

I’m bringing you back to the “Ladies Season” that I have going on and will bring it back to the American Folk with “Lissie” at the helm. I first saw her on the Jools Holland show back in May singing her song “Oh Mississipi” with Jools accompanying her on the piano. That show in particular had quite a folky theme with Mumford and Sons and Joana Newsome playing as well as Hole lead of course by Courtney Love, though are not folk in anyway!

Lissie stood out for me in particular in that show partly because I had never heard of her before and partly because of the stripped back and humble but confident nature of the performance. In spite of this initial impact I failed to investigate what else she had to offer. I luckily stumbled upon Lissie again a short time ago whilst doing a youtube search for Ellie Goulding and found a duet “Everywhere I Go” that they had done together and thought “DAYUM!!” – I gotta to find out more!! So that’s just what I did! Here is that video for you all to see!


Lissie comes from the Rock Island (I know – ace!), Illi-Noise (do you see what I did there?) in The States and now lives in LA. She carved her way into the limelight after opening for a variety of artists including Lenny Kravitz. At the same time her songs were being featured in big harmless American TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy, House, The OC, One Tree Hill and Melrose Place. The kind of shows where no-one swears and everyone has a six pack – even the rabbits. This kind of TV exposure nowadays can make or break a band. It was Grey’s Anatomy, for example, that gave Snow Patrol their big break, the bastards!

Anyways Lissie’s first album “Catching a Tiger” was released in June and is beautiful and should be bought and listened to lots and lots! The song that you can hear now “In Sleep” was the first single off of the album but I don’t think it placed in the UK so you’ve probably never heard it! Listen to it now peeps and then go out and buy it!