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Back to the Future Back in the Cinema!

I have had an argument with many a so called film buff about what the best film Trilogy is of all time. The big hitters that have always come into the discussion have always been Back to the Future, Star Wars, Indiana jones, Godfather, Die Hard, Matrix, Lord of the Rings and depending on who I was speaking to American Pie, El Mariachi and Three Colours. Someone once tried to put Beverly Hills Cop in the mix. I slapped him. Hard. Since the last discussion Toy Story 3 has been released and has to be in the Top 3 straight away! Each film in the series gets better and better and that disobeys the laws of Trilogydynamics!

My favourite has always been the Back to the Future triology and I will happily argue that till I’m blue in the face. The argument is easy now that Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Die Hard and American Pie aren’t trilogies anymore. Lord of the Rings is boring, Godfather and Beverly Hills Cop 3 are both chronic and Matrix becomes a sham of a mockery after the first instalment. That leaves Back To the Future, El Mariachi and Three Colours. I have seen the BTTF trilogy at least 193,364 times compared to once each for the other two so there you have it!   


This October sees the 25th anniversary of the events that occurred in the first film i.e. when Einstein the dog originally goes back in time on the parking lot before they are attacked by the Libyans! To celebrate the occasion the good people at Universal are re-mastering and re-releasing the films for Blu-Ray but will be screening the first in the cinema first! YAY!

It comes out in the cinemas on October 1st on a very limted run and the trilogy will be hitting the streets on 25th of October on Blu-Ray.

Who wants to join me?? I’m going to learn Johnny B Goode on the guitar especially for the Enchantment under the Sea dance! All together now – 1.21 Gigawatts!!


(Cheers to Dunni for the heads up on this by the way!!)