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Katy B: Katy on a Mission


Yay! Lots of posts this week – this one I had to pop in earlier than I thought as I thought it was being released later but this is coming out on Monday! Dammit! Its a big tune tho so its should hit you square in the chops for this weekend!

Katy B looks like the South London version of Joss Stone. Lets hope she doesn't go as stir crazy as her sister from another mother! Katy is the latest lady in the Lady Season and comes to us via the awesomeness of Dubstep. 

The tune that should be reverberating round your eardrums now "Katy's on a Mission" is her first single and is in partership with Dubstep Leviathon "Benga". It is best served loud so whack some decent headphones on or plug your computer into a phat HiFi and turn that dial to 11.

Have a gander at the YouTube video below. I want that this weekend!