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Folkface@ Factory 251 Manchester 10th September 2010


I think everyone who knows me knows that I am a massive fan of the Chris Moyles Show and have been an avid listener since playing their game "Viaduct" over TEN YEARS ago with friends when I was at Uni. I can remember loads, Dom's love of Berkeley the sea lion at Whipsnade zoo, when Dave announced the breakup of his first marriage, Chris mistakenly saying "Tries like a Fucker" instead of  "Thighs like a Trucker" when talking about Beyonce Knowles awesome legs. There was one time when a single man and a single woman from New York got together live on air …does anyone remember that??

It's a weird situation knowing that I could chat comfortably with any member of the team and ask quite personal questions whilst they struggle to remember my name. Weirder for them I imagine! As I step into the venue for the Folkface gig Dom is the first person I see and I head straight over to him, arm outstretched ready to shake his hand like we are old friends. It's clear he has no idea who I am and why should he? I don't know why I did that – it just felt like what I should do – and he was more than sound about it!

I had actually met Dom very briefly about 5 years ago during the Great North Run, when I nearly killed a guy. It was quite early on on the race when my friend and I suddenly found ourselves level pegging with Dom. I introduced myself, said I was a big fan of the show, pointed out that I was a Liverpool fan shook his hand and then headed off! Its a bit random that his is what we talked about before they went on stage. Dave was also nearby but being was accosted by a gaggle of scallies so I decided not to pester him, just yet. When I do he is equally sound and humble and I have a picture taken with them both. I learn that Dom's wife Nic (brains and beauty!) is manning the merchandise stall. Later on in the evening I try to hi-five her but she point blank refuses. She only hi-fives the under fives (years old) so thing I was asking too much….

Folkface is a folk-pop (Fop) comedy crossover duo made up of  Comedy Dave Vitty and news reader Dominic Byrne from the Chris Moyles Show. I have heard them many a time before on the show and when I heard that they were taking the ensemble on tour I knew I had to step over and see them. Tonight sees the Manchester (and biggest) leg of their big tour with York and Sheffield dates left to go set in the sauna inferno that is Factory 251. As I arrive Amy Wyke (watch out for a future post on her) is on stage introducing the whole of Manchester including myself to what I call Acoustic Sass. Of which she is the pioneer!

After Amy rounds up her sterling opening set a an American comedian from Hong Kong called Dan Dan (dan-dan means testicles in Mandarin) takes to the stage for a short while. He's funny and a nice guy but doesn't outstay his welcome and introduces Dave and Dom who come on stage to the Superman Theme tune wearing snug fitting hippy pyjamas!

The first song they launch into is "We will Folk You" a take on Queens "We will Rock you". They have clearly nailed this since the Maidstone 2008 "One Big Weekend debacle, which still forces me to pull over to the side of the road for fear of crashing with laughter when I hear it! This is followed by "Celebrate Manchester" and the Eurovison Song that they wrote and played to Andrew Lloyd Webber.

[miniflickr photoset_id=”72157624803578239″ ]

I should point out that their combined singing would have them laughed off the audition of X-Factor, but what they lack in singing ability is made up by Dom's guitar and Dave as the multi-instrumentalist on the nose flute and bongo! The nose flute in particular is alarming and not at all what I expected. It made Dave look like a "special" face mask wearing Hannibal Lecter! Their crowd banter is top drawer as well particularly the mini Q&A session which consisted of one promotional question fielded by themselves 

My favourite and songs of the night are "The Song for Cheryl", "Poker Folk Face" and the crowning glory "My Lamb Bhuna" which you should be able to hear right now.  Apparently JLS missed the memo and were unable to turn up for their part in that song!

Folkface are a great laugh and if you listen to the show you'll love it – you know what to expect and they deliver. Although a few shouts for "Nana Windows" fell on deaf ears!

I leave the gig and head into the perma-rain of Manchester gutted that I'm not 26 years younger so that Dom's wife Nic would have Hi-fived me! I did get a handshake though and it was a good night so everythings not lost! Cheers guys!


Big Love to for this copy of My Lamb Bhuna.