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Kobestarr’s Monthly Playlist: October 2010

Woo! Another month another playlist! There are a few themes running through this month’s bumper playlist. Click on any of the links or pictures and they will take you straight to the playlist and gets listening and subscribe!

The most obvious genre is mid-Nineties Hip-Hop. This is how we kick it off with Skee-lo, and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and is reprised with Luniz, 2Pac, Dr Dre and Roger Troutman and the Warren G and Nate Dogg classic “Regulate.

Does anyone like to sing songs about the places that they are in when they are in them? Like when I was in New York all those years ago I was singing “New York, New York” by old blue eyes Frank Sinatra. I was singing “Girl from Ipanema” when I was in Ipanema in Rio. Does anyone else do this? Am I Insane?

The reason I ask is that some big people in my life (my Bro, Glen and Saray, Bird and a lady known only to me as “Red”) have recently been to or are planning big trips to California. Now Cali has a fair few tunes that would reverberate around my head.

The first that will hit your ear-holes is the “California” by Phantom Planet, better known as “The Theme from The O.C” and you are also treated to “California Love” by the aforementioned 2Pac and Dre and finally The Eagles chooon “Hotel California”. How could you go anywhere in Cali and not be singing one of these tunages??

Big life tunes for the month come from Bon Iver and “Skinny Love”, a song I seem to listen to at least 5 times a day at the moment and wicked piece of ukulele reggae (that’s right!) with a sick version of “Somehere over the Rainbow”. Both tunes featured hugely in a couple of friend’s weddings (congrats again Crystal and Adam and Strawberry and Piolho).

Big congrats also go to Neil and Becs and Matt and Maria who have just had little girl babies Laila and Suvi. As a welcome to the world we have Eric Clapton’s “Layla” and Bryan Adams’ “Summer of 69” (Suvi is a Finnish name and means Summer – it was the best I could do!).

The rest of the big hitters that made this months list are either nods gigs that I have lined up in the next few months and or randoms that just hit me this month. The randoms are  Stornoway’s “Zorbing”, which is a beautiful song, “Afternoon Delight” by Starland Vocal Band is a filthy song made famous by the film Anchorman – listen to the words! The final random song is Jamaican Boy, which is a wicked reworking of Estelles “American Boy”. I heard it on a night out and I had to ask the DJ what it was!

Gigs coming my way are Gorillaz , Black Keys feat Walkmen, Vampire Weekend feat Janelle Monae and Aussie trio Philadelhia Grand Jury. This is gonna be an ace run into Christmas yo!

Lets me know what you think as always guys and make sure you subscribe to the playlist.