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Elbow: Lippy Kids (Live)


Halla Balla!!

The “Chrimbo Limbo” and the turn of the New Year always encourages the most random, poignant and reflective of conversations. Maybe it’s the mince pie hangover or going cold turkey following a poultry overdose or the sudden realisation that the resolutions that you set for yourself are all but up in flames.

My favourite chrimbo limbo conversations were held with my younger bro G-funk and with others peoples such as Kobestarr collaborator JP and bright eyed smiley faced Elle Bee. The chat revolved around the key question “Who is your favourite Manchester band?”

Under particular consideration were: Oasis, The Smiths, Elbow, The Stone Roses, Take That, The Charlatans, Happy Mondays, New Order and Doves and James. Others were considered…. but come on…seriously? Who said M-People???

When you consider longevity, consistency, awesomeness and camaraderie let’s have a look. There is only one real outcome, the people’s champions, Elbow. Not one person has a bad thing to say about any of the guys in Elbow. No one in Manchester let alone the world can speak highly enough of them. I have heard many a story of friends of mine or random people I have met the guys from the band in a bar and shared a drink or two with them.

The story always ends with “he is such a sound guy” or “they were really cool.” I can confirm this after bumping into bassist Pete Turner in a bar in Manchester and chewing his ear off for half an hour in the months before “The Seldom Seen Kid” was released.  When I regale friends and family with that story I always finish with “he was a proper nice guy!”

Elbow are set to release their fifth studio album “Build a Rocket Boys!” on the 7thof March and the song that you can hear now “Lippy Kids” is the first indication of the direction of the album. It is very reminiscent of my favourite song of theirs “Scattered Black and Whites” that closed out the first album “Asleep in the Back”. Stripped back and sparse the song is steeped heavily in childhood nostalgia recalling those kids that hung about on the street corner in the summer. The ones that you were in awe of but scared of all the same time with their “kerbstone cool” and “simian stroll”.

I am excited to see how this will fit in the context of the rest of the album and their set when they come to tour the UK this March. I can only image that it will be a highlight in both! Lemme know what you think chicos!