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Antonio Paul: City Dreams


Sweet new music from a band that happen to be from Australia! Which is only a surprise as when I heard the song “City Dreams” I thought that they were clearly from the South-East of England. As City Dreams kicks in you can see why, with the high tempo sampled drumming, staccato chord riffs and learing vocals I thought that they had come out of the the Jack Penate school of music. Which is great thing, Penate is a dude.

It also surprised me, as much as they come from Down Under, was to hearing that there was only two of them in the band. Antonio Paul are Marc Antonio and Michael Paul (Do you see what they did there?) and are best makes from surfer town Bunbury in Western Oz. And they are only 19. The bastards! 

Marc deals with the vocals and sampling whilst Michael brings the melody to the band with on the guitar and iPad (so that’s what its for?) and cite their influences as AC/DC and Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

They apparently have a drawn a decent following in their native land but I think that the UK would really take these guys to their bosom with I similar vibe to The Wombats, Paolo Nutini and the aforementioned Jack Penate. So when are you heading to the UK guys? Wrap up warm!

City Dreams is the first track from their “Treasures” EP and its great so grab yourselves a copy!