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Yasmin: On my Own


Now I’m here dancing about in the Viking heartland that is Norway one lady keeps on hitting the airwaves more and more. Robyn. That Swedish dudette is killing it out here. I and i'm almost sorry to say but I love it!

I kept on thinking that there was a huge gap in the UK dance pop market to rival Robyn, surely? Then I heard this tune “On my Own” by Yasmin and thought that we’d nailed it. Case closed! Boom, shut it and lock it! It’s a sweet tune that conjuers up that floaty type of dance with some trip-hop overtones.

I say “thought” because I started to delve deeper and it didn’t take long to find out that I made a huge mistake comparing her to Robyn. What follows is a big heads up for someone that should be mega and I’m gonna do my best to help her along. So what did I find? Well listen up……..

1-    She was born in Manchester, the centre of the music universe!

2-    She was spotted DJing by Pharrell Williams and was asked to tour with N*E*R*D

3-    She has her own club night in London called “Bad Intentions”

4-    She has been working at the forefront of the ultra prolific UK Hip-hop, Grime and Dubstep with the likes of Labrinth, Shy FX and Devlin.

5-  She is ooh soo sexy fine!

It’s going to be exciting to see what direction Yasmin goes in this with all of those influences and guys like that fighting her corner. I’m expecting a mix of collaborations with some huge Dubstep and Drum and Bass breaks. Be careful when you put her album in the CD player when it comes out this year, you could blow some things up!    

I can’t compare her to Robyn. She would eat Robyn alive. I’m still on the search for a UK Robyn…though maybe I just shouldn't bother..maybe Simon Cowell can do that for us…