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Ghostpoet: Cash and Carry Me Home


I just can’t stop listening to this song. DAYUM! A different cut, slice or chop hooks me in further and further with every listen and when the end comes. I hit replay. I have to.

Understated beats and a deep but gentle vocal delivery describe your man Ghostpoet and his music. In an era where UK music is “Bringing It” Ghostpoet is another meaty weapon to the burgeoning British arsenal with different line of attack. Half of Ghostpoets tunes seem to talk about the after effects of a boozy night out, which is hilarious.The combination of Maxi Jazz from Faithless and Roots Manuva’s delivery with the Mike Skinner imagery and beats and melodies that seem to have been carved out of butter by dubstep pioneer Burial is irresistible to me.

Ghostpoet, who moved from Coventry to the Big Smoke is signed to Gilles Peterson’s Record Label Brownswood Recordings giving them both a shedload of credibility. This tune “Cash and Carry Me Home” should be out by the time this post has been published. His Debut album “Peanut Butter Blues & Melancholy Jam” is due out on 7th February and I really cannot wait for more. Maybe just for the name of the album!

When you look at his influences I know we would get along, the first album he bought was Badly Drawn Boy’s “The Hour of the Bewilderbeast” but in the same breath sites Fela Kuti, Radiohead and MF Doom. Magnificent! I would to see Ghostpoet working with James Blake or Burial or other understated dubstep beatsmeisters.That would be a sick combination!

If you like what you hear on please go and visit his first MySpace Site which also has dates of when he’ll be on tour. If you like what you hear you can listen to his free EP "The Strangers of Sound" and even DOWNLOAD THE TRACKS FOR FREE!! (click the "download" buttons in the playbar below).  

Ghostpoet – The Sound of Strangers EP **FREE DOWNLOAD** by Brownswood

“My hands start to shake a bit, Ive got some whiskey left, maybe ill just take a sip”

I love that line man! It’s tunes like this that make me excited for this coming year of music and. Hopefully this is the kind of thing that will get a look in at the Mercury Awards this year.