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Films of 2010: Part Two

OK ok ok ok! It's time for the second part of the show! The part you have waiting for…the second part of kobestarrs films of the year! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I think its only fair to start with the most gash film of last year…

The Worst Film of the Year: The Expendables

The Expendables should have been sweet! I even wrote about it earlier in the year recommending it as one to watch. But it wasn’t. Maybe I’m over evaluating it but to surmise, its gash. With a capital “G”.

It should have been so simple. Get the best known action heroes the world has ever known in a film and blow shit up. To be fair they did that but then added a stupidly convoluted plot, bad acting and made it far too long. The best part of the film is actually where you see Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger crowbarred into the same scene at the same time.

The rest of film comprises of a melted but animated waxwork version of Sylvester Stallone mumbling and fighting with a melted but animated waxwork version of Dolph Lundgren guided by a melted but (barely) animated waxwork version of Mickey Rourke. Jason Statham is pretty good to be fair, but they didn’t use Jet Li enough….

A lot of people watched it though so you know there will be a sequel. Must try harder!

Special Mention: Poor Wee Me

I posted about the debut feature film Poor Wee Me from Director, writer and producer Simon Powell. Set in present day Manchester, the film tells the story of Gavin a mid forties chap who has recently lost his job, separated from his girlfriend, been diagnosed with dyslexia and has a very short temper.

In a weird twist of fate his bad temper helps to get him a new job as a debt collector, which helps him to channel his aggression.

PWM was made for less than £1,900! Such was the belief in the script that Simon and his partner in crime and cinematographer, Dan Nightingale, were able to cast, film using equipment with a full crew and edit, grade and premiere the film. Poor Wee Me has since garnered quite a following, headlining the Salford Film Festival and the film will be touring at independent cinemas in 2011 with a showing in Sheffield on 8th Feb and Derby on 12th April.


6: Youth in Revolt

The first and best of two outings for Kobestarr favourite Michael Cera in 2010 made me seriously consider growing a pencil moustache and donning rolled up chinos and boat shoes. True to form Cera is once again typecast as a geeky insecure kid, Nick Twisp,  who is shit with women. Until that is he finds a girl and he realises that he is going to lose her unless he becomes a bad ass. Step in his chino’ed alter ego “Francois Dillinger” hell bent on causing the mayhem required to keep the girl in what is basically  a schizophrenia based teen rom com.

“Youth in Revolt” has some of the best quotes of any film this year. One of my favourites being “I’m gonna wrap your legs around my face and where you like the crown that you are…… If that’s OK with you?”

If you want to know some more WATCH THE FILM!     

5: Jackass 3D

It used to annoy me that in light of 3D technology film studios seem to be falling all over themselves to crowbar a third film in to the series so that they could make it 3D, with a gash script and make a load more money.

That was until I saw Jackass 3D.

I thought I had seen all that I needed to see and that the Jackass Boys had done all that they could do. I was obviously very wrong. You know the chat by now from The Jackass Crew and to be fair it’s more of the same but dialled up a fair few notches. And in 3D.

It’s the only film that has had me close to vomiting. Twice. No joke. If that’s not a recommendation for you then I don’t know what is.

4: The Other Guys

The latest Will Ferrell film managed to escape a lot of people, which is a shame as it’s his best piece of work since Anchorman and see’s him teamed up with “Marky” Mark Whalberg who is actually really funny. Whalberg and Ferrell’s characters play the “Other Guys” in this comedic take on the “Buddy Cop” movie. They start out as the guys in the Police Force that are stuck doing the admin and in Marky Marks case itching to do become some thing more interesting and respected.

When the Uber Cops, played by Samuel L Jackson and The Rock, die in the line of duty the “Other Guys” step up to fill their boots and of course hilarity ensues. One of the best characters is the police chief, is played by Micheal “Beetlejuice” Keaton. I loved his unwitting love of “TLC” quotes.


3: Inception

Mind bending story, eye bending special effects, sweet fight scenes and an ending that leaves you wondering for months. Inception was last years classiest film and in any other year would have been have been the best of the year. Leonardo DeCaprio provides another star turn but the real winner of Inception is Joseph Gordon Levitt aka the lil kid from “Third Rock from the Sun” who makes an unlikely turn as a an action hero.

So if you have seen it what do you reckon? Does it spin infinitely or does it tumble and fall? 

2: Toy Story 3

Damn film nearly had me in tears,twice! I was told it might do and but I didn’t believe them. It had men all over the world in the foetal position sucking their thumbs calling for their mummy. Not me though as I’m dead hard I am. I did let out a few deep sighs though.

Toy Story 3 is the best in the series of film franchises that started out awesome and just got better and means it has to be one of the best trilogies ever made, I’m not sure it can beat the Back to the Future Trilogy but it would be a close fight.

The story revolves around Andy, the kid that owns all of the toys, growing up and getting into to more adult things, like S&M. Maybe. As he gets ready to leave for college he is forced by his evil mum to donate all the toys to kids that would use them…ahh.

1: Kickass

The Daily Mail hated Kickass, which good as I don’t want to be associated with anything that they champion. Their main bone of contention was getting a young girl to swear in it. It’s true. They do but its bastard funny. The line that causes the most offence is when 9 year old super heroine “Hit Girl” mutters the line “ok you cunts, lets see what you can do!” before entering into combat and kicking…ass.

The title character is an adolescent high school boy who dons a green wetsuit and turns vigilante. He is actually quite rubbish initially getting hurt and taken to hospital but He quickly draws a lot of media attention, help from other heroes and annoys the bad guys.

One of the best things about Kickass is the hero “Big Daddy” and his offbeat and goofy civilian alter ego played by Nicholas Cage. Another great turn is made by Christopher “McLovin” Mintz-Plass who will be forever typecast as geeky kid. At least here he has a load of money, is the son of the main bad guy and can play super hero “Red Mist”.

Kick-Ass is a great comedy action film with some nice effects and sweet fight scenes that I you can watch again and again, loving it each time.