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Dynasty Electric: The Golden Arrows


Illegal downloading and the recent financial crisis has hit the music industry. Hard. More and more bands are finding it harder to support the traditional 4 or 5 piece configuration that we all grew up and find that they have to downsize to stay afloat. The bassist is always the first to go, kicked out when the rest of the band realise that they could make more cash money with less mouths to feed…

OK…not really but I do have a point! Look at MGMT, The White Stripes, Ting Tings and The Black Keys. All are two piece outfits and all are kicking ass out there! Let me introduce you to my guys Dynasty Electric, another two piece that have the potential to kick hard music ass.

Dynasty Electric are Jenny Electrik and Seth Misterka who are couple of indie electro punksters from Brooklyn, NYC. On initial listen to this track “Golden Arrows” you can’t help but draw comparisons with fellow NYC bands Yeah Yeah Yeahs and MGMT.

I would like to add some PJ Harvey stylings to that comparison with a hammerload of fuzz bass. Further tracks from the upcoming debut album, also called “Golden Arrows,” such as “Box of Lights” plays with a lot of indie dance inspired by Klaxons and Hot Chip.

Tight beats and rhythm are predominant through the whole album. This is perhaps a nod to their Hip Hop producer Ski Beatz, who took them under his wing in 2009 and has also brought you Jay-Z, Mos Def and Jay Electronica tunes.

This is a great combination and makes the album an exhilarating, twisting listen. You know that these guys will represent in the live shows too! My advice is to look out for these guys and catch them now whilst they are small enough that you can still see the whites of their eyes!