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2011 Album Preview: Part Two

Yo! Its time for the second in this years albums to listen to care of JP and Kobestarr. Have a gander play and listen to the tunes!

The Strokes: Angles

The Strokes will always be special to me. I fell in live with them at the same time I fell in love with my wife. I can even remember approaching her at the Student’s Union Bar fuelled with red bull and vodka with Is This It pumping in my head and in my heart.  Well it turns out she was it for me and the Strokes debut album became an inspiration for all music that has followed this century. Their signature tune, ‘Last Night’, will always evoke an instant internal eruption of emotion but will the new album, ‘Angles’, be able to generate the same level of impact.

The greatest bands have the greatest frontmen and Julian Casablancas is still one of the greatest. He is the master of the nonchalant dulcet croon and could possibly make any song sound cool.


If you’ve heard his ‘I Wish it was Christmas Today’ single you would defiantly pay to hear him sing the Best of Stock Aitken and Waterman at Karaoke.  Casablancas is still the driving force behind The Strokes but the sound in 'Angles' has been influenced by all five of the Strokes and this is why it could be their most interesting sound yet, with 80s synths, funk and even some reggae being fed into the mix. The first single, Under Cover of Darkness is an exhilarating taste of things to come. Albert Hammond Jnr is still firing out chords like he’s moon walking over hot coals but the sound is bigger and better than just that. JP


Kanye West and Jay-Z – Watch the Throne

The annoying thing about Kanye West is that he is a dick. It’s hard to argue against, I’ve tried as I really like his music. I saw him at the MEN Arena in Manchester and he was a dick. I did give him another chance though and saw him again with my brother at the Apollo and he wasn’t a dick. So he was back on par with me.

In 2008 he released the “808 and Heartbreaks” and world and I wondered “what the fuck?”

Then he jumped in front of 20-year-old Taylor Swift at the MTV Video awards and became a dick again. (Tho maybe he did have a point as Beyonce looks oh soo fine in her “Single Ladies”

I heard at the end of 2010 when he was about to bring out “My Dark Beautiful Twisted Fantasy” and I ignored it on account of me thinking that he was a dick.

That was a big mistake. Damn it. The motherfucker smashed it out of the park!

KANYE WEST FT JAY Z – HAM by djgsmiles

I then heard at the he was bringing out a collaboration album with Jay-Z. MY MAN JAY-Z! I could not me more excited! I think you guys should be too. Listen up to H.A.M (Hard as a Motherfucker) right now by pressing play on the widget below and let me know what you think.