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Camden Crawl 2011 Lowdown Part One

The Camden Crawl is a brilliant idea for a festival. Take a load of new bands, groups and musicians, add a sprinkling of old faves and throw them in to the sprawling semiopolis that is Camden Town.

I have been once before in 2007, Amy Winehouse was there on the cusp of going super loco, I finally got to see The Charlatans and I lost my Oakleys whilst crowd surfing to Jack Penate(I’m still gutted but what a way for them to go!).  I recently had a look at 2007 and was genuinely impressed at how many of the then small acts went on to make waves (Adele, Biffy Clyro, Laura Marling, Foals, Kate Nash, Hadouken, CSS). It truly is a haven for New Music Fetishists and you get a hell of a lot for less than 70 quid, plus the advantage of fully working toilets and getting to a bed at the end of the night!

The problem with the Crawl is that there are just tooooooo many peoples to see and things to do. So for the next few posts I’m just gonna give you the low down of my recommended the acts to see and a few tips to makes sure that get yourself around and involved!


I love the idea of collectives where there is a collaboration between musicians, artists, filmmakers and producers where each person plays a valuable part in the mix. This is the main reason I am mesmerised by Odd Future.

These guys are an 11 strong crew from LA who have recently killed it at the SXSW festival in Texas with anything goes shows and rampage, in a good way! Officially lead by Tyler the Creator, a rapper and producer that has just turned 20, the bastard! He has signed a one album record deal with XL (the surest sign of quality possible in UK music) for the release of his upcoming album “Goblin”.

Sandwitches by oddfuture


Odd future as a collective have released a megaload of mixtapes and albums that you can download for free from their website. I gotta be honest these guys have got mouths on them and lyrically they could offend ya! If you can see past that you HAVE to see them. This is the one show at Camden Crawl where anything can happen and why would you want to miss that?


As recent a Kobestarr favourite I was made up when I found out that she would be playing at CC2011. Cutting her teeth whilst touring with NERD and Dizzee Rascal and will be stepping out into the stage at Camden intent on making the whole of the London Borough dance. Bravo!

Manchester born and forged in trip-hop flow and dubstep beats Yasmin is one cool cool lady I I hope will go on to have a massive year after The Crawl!

Yasmin – On My Own by PurplePR This is the section of the weekend where you’ve moved onto the short drinks with mixers and are looking forward to the happy vibe and tempo that will set you up for the rest of the night! Let all your hair down and grab a load of friends. I bet you won’t be able to stop smilling when you leave her set! £1!


Villagers were shortlisted for The Mercury Music Prize and are currently touring with Elbow on their arena tour so they aren’t the newest of bands, but this is where you get to see them in a smaller, intimate venue. You may be able to smell them. If that is your thing of course!

Becoming A Jackal by Villagers by seaninsound

I can best describe these guys as and Irish “Shins” with a few slices of “Bright Eyes”, which is testament to their awesomeness.

These guys should soundtrack an expansive independent buddy type “road trip” movie set in Australia. Something like Sideways 2: Lets go to Oz or Little Miss Sunshine 2: This time the Sun Really is Shining. Or something! Suggestions on a postcard!