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Camden Crawl 2011 Lowdown Part Two

Hey there! I hoped you enjoyed the thoughts of the last post giving you insight on music that you should be paying attention to whether you are heading to the Camden Crawl this year or not.

If you are heading to CC2011 this year then you are more than likely overwhelmed by the amount of choice available over that weekend following the Royal Wedding, with 250 acts playing over two days, and will be quite concerned about avoiding the gash stuff. Once again I have sorted some wheat from some chaff and to give you a helping hand. Bless!

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs aka TEED

A magnificent name and I’m so glad that the music lives up to it! Despite the rather grandiose moniker TEED is actually one dude. Called Orlando Higginbottom, from Oxford, who makes phat phat electro dance tunes. Think of a dubbed version of Hot Chip from a dude who poses for publicity shots in the type of head gear that would make an Apache Warrior jealous, and me!











Imagine just walking round your local Tesco Metro in that headgear! “Erm excuse me, where’s the milk?”

Garden (edit) by T-E-E-D

Not only do I hope that he dons his largest headdress at the Crawl but that it serves as some kind of antenna to beam his rhythms and beats straight to our brains causing the kinda “Dirrty” hipster gyration in the whole crowd that you see in Christina video. Except with more clothes!


Another Kobestarr 2011 favourite! The scene for half of GP’s tunes is the morning after the night before with hazy recollections and exlpanations of his actions to his girlfriends and mother. This guy is definitely no stranger to the party! What I want. What I really, really want is for Ghostpoet to storm it on the stage then come off and then go on a massive bender with his friends and my friends, which will the inspiration for the lead single off his next album. It will be called “Krawling with Kobestarr!” Possibly…

Ghostpoet – Morning feat. Micachu by Brownswood

Seriously though! You need to see this guy. The venue will be small and everyone in there will be beyond cool. A true advocate for hiphop in its truest form, that is poetry set to beats. As the UK’s largest embodiment of “The Four Elements” and hyped up by Mike “The Streets” Skinner as Englands best MC, you would have to be stupid to miss out!

Ghostpoets first album “Peanut Butter Blues and Melancholy Jam” is out now so you should buy or Spotify it. It’s so laid back and easy going I like to think that he recorded it whilst lying down in a dark room, incapacitated with a Jim Beam hangover. Check out this song “Morning”, that doesn’t feature on the album. Smoother than a cashmere codpiece!


Maverick Sabre

My man got soul!! Think of a placated Plan B on with a Finlay Quaye flow and you have pretty much hit the nail on the head. Maverick was born in London and raised in Ireland and this has been a huge influence on his music with a social commentary style based on his upbringings.

There are two sides to Mavericks style with side A being the stripped back acoustic soulmeister and side B being the big beat vocaliser playing with big beat producers such as Redline and Wretch 32. Being the selfish Camden Crawler that I am I really want him to bring both sides to the show when he comes back to his motherland.

Maverick Sabre – Far Away From Here by roundhouseLDN

Maverick is already flying high and having been compared to Amy Winehouse has laid some heavy duty tracks down to ensure that he’ll be having a top class year. He was one of the hits of the SXSW festival in 2010 and since then has been teamed up and working and supporting the likes of Chase and Status, Tinie Tempah and Professor Green.

You can grab a copy of his free mixtape “The Travelling Man Mixtape” by clicking the link. Go on you know it makes sense!