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Enn Why See Playlist

Hey! Wow…. Sorry it has been a loooong time since I last wrote and published anything – let alone a playlist. Genuinely I have been busy and with this and that and other stuff that I’ll fill you in with someday soon. Maybe…just the interesting stuff…..


I thought the best way to kick my posts off would be to lay down a long overdue playlist. Yay!

Just click anywhere here or on the spotify button to get listening!

A couple of weeks ago I was kicking about in New York City with Red, playing about in East Village, cartwheeling on top of The Rockefeller tower, ice skating, shooting hoops in a cage with Mr Quick, navigating the sales in Macy’s and missing a friend doing the marathon there. Sorry again Linz!

Kobestarrs NYC Playlist
Kobestarrs NYC Playlist - Click here to listen!

Before heading across the pond I loaded down a few NYC tracks to celebrate the long weekend with. It has been a while since I have been on the old faithful that is Spotify to make a playlist so I was a little nervous but I think it has panned out well! The NYC playlist naturally takes you through a fair few genres, which helps to emphasise the melting pot of folk that have lived there and been influenced by it.


A few highlights for me include my favourite song by The Strokes “New York City Cops”. The first day that we were out in the city I was forced into a “Dunkin Donuts” shop to be confronted by a rotund man in a fluorescent yellow  “NYPD” weather proof jacket. “I bet you’ve been here more than once I thought!”


Other big moments in the playlist include the recently deceased Gil Scott Herons “New York Is Killing Me” and “New York” by Richard Ashcroft from his first solo album. Also on here is New York by Ryan Adams – special mention should go to Ellebee who posted this on my facebook wall, albeit after I had made the list! Thanks though!

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The final big hitter will take us into next months Xmas playlist, which is of course, “Fairytale of New York”. Boom! I’m gonna be posting some pictures on flickr soon. Take it easy y’all!