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Films of 2011 Part Two

Hey guys! So the second part of best films of the last year. Before I start with the final countdown, however, I have to give a brief nod to the crappiest films of last year.

2011’s Crappest Films:

Apart from the last film on the list these are in no particular order. As I was compiling this list of best and wort films I realised that I saw all of the worst films films with people that I work with. There was a point were we saw three in a row and and I had all but given up on films and going to the cinema and was consodering firebombing the local Cineworld. Luckily we then went to see the sweet “50/50” and since then I am on for a run of 7 ace films in a row. Snootch!

Bad Teacher – Just rubbish and not funny. Cameron Diaz face is getting more and more moon like…
The Hangover 2 – I didn’t even like the first one, so liking the secong one wasn’t gonna be likely. I was right. This time they go to Thailand and Mike Tyson turns up. AGAIN! You know they are gonna make a third. Arggghhh kill me now!
Contaigion – Good at the start up to the point when Gwyneth Paltrow dies then went nowhere. To many people involved. Needlesly confusing and really, couldn’t be arsed with it.
In Time – such a great idea, unfortunately not one that can be stretched out for an hour and a half. Its the future, they have no time to waste, time actually is money don’t waste your time! Includes extended ridiculous “fight” scenes.
In Time on
(THE WORST FILM OF 2011) The Tree of Life – I wish I walked out in the first 20 minutes. Im still tired from watching this film. I don’t know what happened and why. Everyone in the cinema fell asleep at some point. It one point I wanted to peel my face off and post it Brad Pitt and Terence Malick  with the note “thanks for a great film, NOT”. I don’t know what this would have acheived apart from distracting me from the pain of watching this!  It did look good in places though.

The best Films : Part Two

5) Kings Speech – Im annoyed at how much I didn’t want to watch Kings Speech based on the trailer alone. It was only with the the mounting awards pressure that I relented and subsequently loved it. Never trust the trailer folks!! You must know the chat by now? A reluctant king (Elizabeth II’s Dad) is forced to deal with speech impediment at the time of war, when the radio is the key telecoms medium and his words are required to empower the nation. Previous attempts faltered until he meets failed Australian actor Lionel Logue, who can help him, maybe……..

4) True Grit – I love the Coen Brothers, with films like the Big Lebowski being one of my all time favourites and No Country for Old Men down as a modern classic. True Grit is a western that is rare these days, tracking the journey of a young girl that wants to avenge the death of her dad. In doing so she hires a bounty hunter played by the ace Jeff Bridges (a Kobestarr favourite) who is drunk and indecipherable and bringing in Matt Damon as Mr LeBeef (spelled LaBoeuf).

3) Senna – I actually remember the day that Senna died. Sorry if that was a plot spoiler but hey, that’s what happens at the end! I was at my friends house and his uncle announced it to the room. I wasn’t too fussed though as at the age of 14 I already had a steadfast opinion about the pointlessness of Formula 1. Whoever has the most money has the best car and wins! Simples!
Along comes Senna, a Brazilian kid who likes to drive Go Karts and can do so well. All he wants to do is drive fast and be the best because, well, he was the best! The film charts his rise and death and battles with Alain Prost (who comes across as a git) and the French president of Formula One (also a git, friends with Prost) as he strives to win and stay outside the politics. One thing I should say is that if you like human interest stories then this is for you. Its not about Formula One. Its about a guy who gets shafted by the system time and again and finally in the worst possible way.
Senna The movie -
wow - he's really fast!!
I have just found out that the Oscars people have not included it in the list of the best documentaries for last year!! Stupid dumbshit idiots!!
2) Drive – Magnificent! I don’t want to say too much about the film except to say that some scenes are ultra tough! Seriously! It had some of the most extreme reactions i have seen from fellow cinema goers! I wish I hadn’t read the reviews before going to see it. Drive follows the life of an unnamed strong but silent guy, played by Ryan Gosling, who wears a fantastic Jacket emblazoned with a scorpion.
Your man has top notch driving skills, hence the title, but don’t be put off! This is not a film about cars. Its about awesomeness!
1 ) Life in a Day – LIAD is a great concept for a film. Take one day, the same day, around the whole world, film yourself or others and send it in. Get a load of researchers, producers and editors to sort the wheat from the chaff in a warehouse then splice them together and make one of the most touching, inspiring, heartbreaking and funny films ever made. Ever. It takes you from midnight to midnight  on 24th July 2010 cataloging fractions of days in countless peoples lives starting with the worlds happiest drunk man. Highlights including a Korean Cyclist who is trying reunite North and South Korea, a wedding, a son reunited with his father and the birth of a child.
Its hard not to be drawn into LIAD and I should warn you that 90% of the people that watch this did start welling up in Tears.
The Films I Didn’t See!
Last year was a huge year for films. I don’t know if I was just ultra busy or there were twice as many films as normal. Here are the list of flix that I still have to check out! There are good reasons why I didn’t watch some of them……..
Rise of the Planet of the Apes –  slightly freaked out by the CGI apes!!
Harry Potter 7 Part 2 – Ive only seen the first one!
Midnight in Paris – Fell asleep on the plane
127 Hours – Im eerily squeamish about the scene when he saws his hand off with a pen knife
Blue Valentine – heard it was miserable so need to be in the mood
Biutiful – no good reason
Barneys Version
Tangled – not high on the lis
Paul – The Trailer made it look crap
Animal Kingdom – I didnt know about it
Oranges and Sunshine
Source Code
Fast Five
Limitless – Red fell asleep whilst watching it so i thought it was boring, maybe she was just tired!
Benda Bilili – sounds ace
Submarine – Richard Ayoade is a dude!
Win Win
Kung Fu Panda 2
Jane Eyre
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
Arthur Christmas
Wuthering Heights
The Rum Diary
Moneyball – I need to see Jonah Hill before he dies of a heart attack next year
A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas – I still haven’t seen Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo and feel I wouldn’t understand the final installment in the H&K Trilogy!
Real Steel
Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold
The Help – I love Emma Stone
Tower Heist – Eddie Murphy is supposed to be good! With Ferris Bueller
Dreams of a Life – Eerie
Footloose – for some reason i want to see Flashdance first, I know they arent the same film!
The Crap Films I Kinda Want to See Just to see how Crap Crappy Films Can be…… (aka the Car Crash/ Rubbernecking effect).
Big Momma’s Like Father Like Son
Sucker Punch
Larry Crowne
Twilight: Breaking dawn pt 1
New Years Eve
The Three Muskateers

OK! Thats how for now! By the time this is posted I should be about ready to get onto a plane bound for Brazil!! (Via London and Frankfurt! Wearing just speedos)

🙂 K*