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My New Favourite Comedian: Louis C.K.

I get further and further away from my teens and my twenties the more i I find myself having this kind of conversation with a youth of today…


Kobestarr: I really want to get a record player but I don’t have the space.

Youth: Cool…what is a “record” exactly?

K*: It was what people used to buy music on then record onto their tapes for their friends.

Y: Alighty!……What are tapes and what is recording?

K*: Tapes? You know cassette tapes? TDK 90’s those plastic things you used to play in your GhettoBlasters and Walkmans and cars and the stringy part inside them used to get all messed up and you fixed it with a pencil..

Y: Yo – is this some old git joke?

K*: i’m really not! They existed before CD’s..

Y*: I know what you mean! My grandad has a load of them!… Records are those shiny frisbee type things right?

K* Are you fucking kidding me?! (Kobestarr strikes the youth in the back of his legs with his walking cane then hobbles away. He hasn’t felt as old since his hip operation…)

True story! (potentially)

Erm my point is that younglings are all gits and my new favourite comedian “Louis C.K.” knows this. Haven’t you heard of him? Check out this YouTube clip where he explains my point more eloquently and giggle inanely!

I first saw Louis on a Ricky Gervais HBO special “Talking Funny” also with Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld where they all chat about being stand up comedians pat themselves on the back and lick each other, (not really). After watching this I hit youtube hard searching for all the the stuff I could find. Be wary. The guy likes to say rude words a lot! If you are offended by anything what so ever then he really, really isnt for you!

Louis CK on "Talking Funny"
Louis CK on "Talking Funny"

Louis just won a Grammy Award for “Best Comedy Album” for his stand up show called “Hilarious“, which you can actually listen to on Spotify! I’m not sure he should have won only because I don’t class it as a comedy album just as a stand up show, when compared to the likes of The Lonely Planet and Weird Al Yankovic, who were also nominated. That’s not to say it isn’t great as it is! It’s really, really funny!

So try him for size! I don’t think that he is big enough to have toured the UK or Norway yet – but when he does ill be heading along!

In summary, Go to youtube, type in “Louis C.K.” – Enjoy!

Job Done!