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Kobestarrs Friday Comedy Moment #1


I have decided to start doing a regular post with the things that make me laugh the most off of YouTube. The can be stand up, a good sketch, a clip from a film or TV program or simply dogs wearing sunglasses! The idea is to get you in a good mood as you are about to leave work leave you all happy, smiley and sunshiner

Today I i’m introducing you all to Dane Cook. No doubt most of you know how he is – I didn’t and I really don’t know why! This is the first sketch of his that I listened to as part of playlist on spotify and it intrigued me enough to want to hear more! If you head to Spotify you can listen to 4 of his most recent stand up shows and I should warn you if you are in a public place listening to them in your headphones be prepared for people to turn around an glare at the laughing idiot that you will become! That is if you like this skit.

Key line “What about the whole middle ground where ‘you’re an idiot!’ ” and the “denim cock” line!

Takes me back to those days of “sharking” in packs with your mates! I don’t miss those days! Ha ha ha…….

Happy Friday!