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Social Media in the Community Part 2: Questions for the Kolibri Project

Since my first few meetings with the Kolibri we have come up with a few ideas about how we can work together on their social media strategy for the coming months. I was unable to attend the course this month so I sent a screencast presetation through via Vimeo. It is given here for future reference and for comparison when it comes to the end of the module.

This was shown to my course tutor and other students on the MA Social Media course. They came up with some questions which were given below!

“How do i intend on capturing the older demographic on facebook?”

There website is one of the main way that the older demographic currently engage with the Kolibri Project. The one way to improve their engagement is to show more facebook activity on the website using larger and more attractive activity boxes showing that there is an active Facebook community that they should try and get involved in.

At the moment the Kolibri Facebook page does not have a unique/vanity URL. A unique facebook URL such as “” will draw people to their brand site that should have activity that explains what Kolibri is about and encourages engagement across all demographics. The Facebook url can be used as much as the standard site url so that people can choose the way that is best for them to engage in.

Fundrasing apps on that can be used on Facebook as well as the main site such as FundRazr will be able to make the most of people who wish to donate from either platform.

“Is the foucs on getting more people enganged with Kolibri only by the two core events talked about in the presentation?”

Unfortunately one of the events “Rival vs Rival” which was due for 2nd June 2012 will be postponed until next year. This is a breakdancing competition and it is a shame as it could have been a great way to involve the younger demographic and make them aware of what what Kolibri is about. It also would have been a great event to film and use to help boost the YouTube views and subscribers.

Kolibri Fest!
Kolibri Fest!

The second event is the “Kolibri Fest”,  which is on the 3rd of June. This is their annual event that is used to attract attention to their cause as well as media attention and funding. This is a essentially a family fun day with events that go on throughout the day with a Brazilian and a Norwegian themes food, drink and hopefully sun!! This is a great opportunity to engage the 30+ demographic that have children and young families as well as those old enough to have grand children. The Kolibri Fest will also be a good opportunity try to involve the younger children. Though their activities on the internet and fundrasing abilities may be limited at the moment!

“What is the timescale for the work with the Kolibri?”

I will be on call as much as possible all the way through to the Kolibri Fest but I will be ready and willing to help should they need any help or advice. As I train Capoeira with a group that is associated heavily with The Kolibri Project I expect that I will be involved with them for some time!! This is particularly pertinent when it come to any training that I give to the members of the Kolibri team. They should be willing to help the

“How much will i be involved with the design of the website?”

I am not a web designer by any stretch of the imagination but I have some about how the site could be better arranged to get the point across within the landing page at least. This should be able to give people the full impact of the Kolibri Project within one page.  I will be helping to look at the graphical redesign of their website and will use this as a first stage relaunch and try to use this to get engagement this way. As a charity Kolibri will of course have limited resources so if there are ways that I can help with Photoshop and other design that can reduce the burden on the web design team and hence reduce costs I will of course do my best to help! Once the changes have been implemented the Kolibri will be in a stronger position to promote to the wider and more traditional media and look to attract support by driving people to the site. The proposed changes to the site will be the focus of future kobestarr posts

“How are you looking to increase the number of YouTube subscribers and views”

The first thing  to do is to make the Youtube Channel look like it is part of the rest of the Kolibri Social Media outlets and websites. In general there needs to be better alignment of the Kolibri Brand across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube so that people know that it is all part of the same family when they visit the various different sites.

At the moment I am creating animated intros and outros that can be used to “bookend” any videos that will be made by Kolibri in the furture. This will carry the logo and site information and ensure that wherever the videos are posted that people can contact them and encourage subscribers.

We have talked about looking through the archives for videos that they have from past events. If we feel together that any of these themselves are strong enough then we can use them to promote Kolibri online using the intro and outro.

“Are all the members orphans and how will you get them engaged with the Social Media?”

The members are not orphans! I assume by orphans that you mean the street children that are being helped by the charity? The aim of Kolibiri is to provide activities so that the street children have places to go outside of school with the aim of diverting their attention from drugs and violence and other dangers that they could potentially be involved in. The street children are the “end user” as it were. It is important to try and engage them, however as they need to be made aware that there are other options for them and that if they wish they can look to improve their lifes. This will really be dealt with on the Brazilian side of things. It is unlikely that they can read Norwegian or English, however this is one way that the YouTube videos could prove helpful in bridging the gap. With well made videos actions speak louder than words.