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Kobestarrs Friday Comedy Moment #5

Happy Friday Kobestarrians!!

Well I hope you have had a great week? Im looking forward to a nice long weekend of university work, with a swim and a film mashed in there as well. What is your chat? For this weeks comedy moment I wanted to lay down some Flight of the Conchords. I speak to every Kiwi I meet about them and love that they ate doing well outside of “the Conchords”. Brett won an Oscar for the song “Man or Muppet” in the film….”The Muppets” and Jermaine is due to star in Men in Black 3! Im sure the film will be crap but yay for Jermaine!


I couldnt choose just one so I have layed two videos down for you. The first video sucked me into the world of “Flight of The Conchords”

The second still surprises people that it exists as it wasn’t shown in any of the Tv shows

Happy Friday and have a beautiful weekend!!

Flight of the Conchords! YAY!
Flight of the Conchords! YAY!