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Kobestarr’s Friday Comedy Moment #7 (on a Sunday)

Happy Friday folks (on a Sunday)!

Today we are going to do one of my favourite things ever – mocking and judging without without experiencing.

I have never watched the ridiculofest that is “The Titanic “. There are just so many things about it that rub me up the wring way, from the oh so shite Celine Dion song to Leonardo DiCaprio’s stupid stupid face (I actually quite like him now). I did take the time, however, to see the scene where Kate Winslet gets naked. This is no mean feat considering the film is 43hrs long and back then VCRs still existed so you had to “Fast Forward” to the scenes that you wanted to see. Worse still you had to do the “slow fast forward” where you pressed “play” and then “fast forward” so that you could see what was on the screen. This was only marginally faster than just watching the film but in the case of “The Titanic” meant that you could side step any vomit inducing dialogue.

Anyway as you can imagine when they announced Titanic 3D knew that I would be avoiding it like the plague with a partiuclarly violent case of tourettes. Until this little gem fell my way. If Carlsberg made the Titanic – it would probably be like this. This is the film I would watch!!

Happy Friday/Sunday!!


PS – I still haven’t watched The Titanic. I probably still never will……