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Kobestarr’s Road to Ironman Staffordshire 70.3 Part 6: Running

Sod Cross Country Running!

I was never the best distance runner at school. I used to win the sprint distances at primary school and then moved to rugby where interval running brought the results.
Since leaving school I entered some running distance events it has and it has been 5 – 10K running that has taken most of my focus and I was quite proud of how I did. I’d never challenge for top spot but would usually finish in the top 10% of a race – all good!
When It came to running “off the bike” in a triathlon I would struggle. There was no pain and I never really suffer from jelly legs I just couldn’t get the speed that I was used to running at and legs enjoyed cramping and give over longer distances. I hated the 10k in olympic triathlons for this reason.
I chose not to focus on running so much as prior to Staffordshire Half Ironman, it would be overkill in training and I had so much more to gain in the other disciplines. I would normally run the 5 miles to work and back once a week with no agenda other than to keep my legs ticking over.