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Letter to Kermode and Mayo #4 ContraBRAND

Holla! This is a few rapid fire posts right here! Two letters to Kermode and Mayo in one week?! Thats how i’m rolling on this sunny Norwegian day… This is the review that i left on the Kermode and Mayo Facebook page. For Marky Marks Latest Film “Contraband” that I saw last week. I will […]

Letter to Kermode and Mayo #1: The Official Wittertainment Bar?

Since stepping into the world of Apple Fanboydom I quickly became accustomed to the brilliance that is podcasts and podcasting. Little droplets of magic are delivered to your computer, phone or mp3 player on a regular basis. After pressing the subscribe button all you have to do is wait for the next nugget to arrive, […]

Films of 2011 Part Two

Hey guys! So the second part of best films of the last year. Before I start with the final countdown, however, I have to give a brief nod to the crappiest films of last year. 2011’s Crappest Films: Apart from the last film on the list these are in no particular order. As I was […]

Films of 2011 Part One

Hey all! It’s that time of the year again! It has been a big year for films, and I haven’t had a chance to see everything I wanted to! As in previous years I am gonna run you down my favourites of the year 2011 including my worst film, some others that you should still […]

Films of 2010: Part Two

OK ok ok ok! It's time for the second part of the show! The part you have waiting for…the second part of kobestarrs films of the year! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I think its only fair to start with the most gash film of last year… The Worst Film of the Year: The Expendables The Expendables should have […]

Top 12 Films of 2010: Part One

Its the time of the year that you clear out all of the crap that you collect and in doing so I came across a load of the tickets to films that I went to last year. Que a lil reminisce and debrief. Here follows a two part countdown of the best films of 2010 […]

Back to the Future Back in the Cinema!

I have had an argument with many a so called film buff about what the best film Trilogy is of all time. The big hitters that have always come into the discussion have always been Back to the Future, Star Wars, Indiana jones, Godfather, Die Hard, Matrix, Lord of the Rings and depending on who […]

Scott Pilgrim vs The World

There are three main reasons why I’m mega excited about this upcoming film “Scott Pilgrim vs The World” 1. I’m a big fan of Michael Cera’s acting. He will be forever typecast as a nerdy, inept with women, malnourished youth, even when he turns 77. Since his work on TV series “Arrested Development” through to […]

Poor Wee Me

Poor Wee Me is a brand new feature film telling the story of Gavin Brookes a 44 year old who has been recently diagnosed with dyslexia. To add insult to injury Gavin, played by Paul Hurstfield, has also just separated from his common-law-wife and has to come to terms with the relationship breakdown. Just as […]