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Letter to Kermode and Mayo: Birdman

Happy New Year! As a Chartered Chemical Process Engineer (as denoted by the IChemE suffix) I am glad there is now a corner that represents

Kobestarr’s Films of 2014: Part 2

Ok so what were your thoughts on the first part of my films of 2014 countdown? Let’s get to the second part but first we

Dear Google…

Dear Google, I have been happily using YouTube under the nickname/web-handle/pseudonym “Kobestarr” since I joined the streaming service in 2005. I chose not to use

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Amazingly its the Amazing Spiderman 2 Official Trailer! Wow – Sony’s Marvel Hero seems to be in quick turnaround and sees Dean DeHaan from my favourite

Emeli Sande

Emeli is such a great performer and really worked the crowd at the Bergenfest 2012 where I was lucky enough to photograph her. This black

Lenny Kravitz

It was such a pleasure to take pictures at this Lenny Kravitz concert. This was my first from the photo in the scrum with the


The great thing about festivals is seeing and appreciating bands and artists that you wouldn’t necessarily see if they toured alone. Turbonegro are one such

Tinie Tempah

Yeah! Tine Tempah was great! On an overcast day he managed to raise the spirits of everyone in the crowd, but that’s easy when you

Apple have hustled Google!…

… am I the only one that thinks this?? After the release/relaunch/reboot of Google’s Map app for the iOS platform it shot to the top

Top 10(ish) films of 2012: Part 2

Hey so in time honoured tradition I have to name my worst film of 2012 before revealing the second half of the best of list.

Top 10(ish) films of 2012: Part 1

Hello Everybody and welcome to a new year and a new layout here at! Its the start of a new year and this traditionally

Kobestarrs Friday Comedy Moment #15

Holla! Yeah sorry about last week. I was mad skillz busy but i hope this makes up for it! If you like “Game of Thrones”,