Lenny Kravitz

Lenny Kravitz

It was such a pleasure to take pictures at this Lenny Kravitz concert. This was my first from the photo in the scrum with the other photographers with a limited 3 song time period in which to take all of the pictures that I needed. I didn't expect the adrenalin levels to get so high especially when things went wrong! Part of the problem was Continue Reading



The great thing about festivals is seeing and appreciating bands and artists that you wouldn't necessarily see if they toured alone. Turbonegro are one such band for me. They brought with them the most dedicated fans and had such a fantastic hold over the Turbonegro newbies that I'm certain they left Bergen with a few thousand more. Awesome fun and Continue Reading

The Crappest CrApple App – Podcasts!

Crapple Reel 2 Reel

My last post here was about the CrApple Maps App that they forced everyone to use until Google saw fit to take pity on us and let us have their full featured app. I was never that bothered about the Maps app. OK things looked a bit hilarious time to time, but it still got you there. Mainly. Unless you randomly end up in the desert in Australia, Continue Reading

Apple have hustled Google!…

Sale United Football Club - Kobestarr.com

... am I the only one that thinks this?? After the release/relaunch/reboot of Google's Map app for the iOS platform it shot to the top of Apples App Store charts with over 10million downloads in the first 48hrs just over a month ago. "Yay! Now we can get home in time for Blue Peter!", no one says. Critics are lauding the app, young lovers are Continue Reading

Top 10(ish) films of 2012: Part 2

Seven Psychopaths - Kobestarr.com

Hey so in time honoured tradition I have to name my worst film of 2012 before revealing the second half of the best of list. Worst Film of 2012: Savages - In "Savages" director and part writer, Oliver Stone, takes a good basis for a story, throws in a few big names and manages to make it mind numbingly, spirit crushingly boooooring. Boring and Continue Reading

Top 10(ish) films of 2012: Part 1

Moonrise Kingdom - Kobestarr.com

Hello Everybody and welcome to a new year and a new layout here at kobestarr.com! Its the start of a new year and this traditionally means that all of us in Kobestarr Towers have stuck our heads together to come up with a list of the best films of 2012. So that is what we have done! YAY!   This year has been a huge one in terms of cinema Continue Reading

Kobestarrs Friday Comedy Moment #14

The new Batman film The Dark Knight Rises, is due out in the next two weeks and I have been searching for trailers online as I cannot wait -although please don't let it be too long eh?! In my search for Batman I found this lil gem! Hope you enjoy! Happy Friday Folks!! hollback! K*   Continue Reading