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Hi everyone and welcome to

I’m Kobestarr and this blog is basically a “mish mash” of everything that I get up to in the world. Well not “everything”, that would just be tedious for me to write and boring for you to read. You don’t need to be updated on the mundane nature of my life, like how I tie my shoelaces or how often I drink coffee (I don’t – caffeine sends me a bit weird)….hmm I’m going to start again…..

So  is more of a highlights package of everything that I get up to in the world. Well…highlights is stretching it a bit… this is a random selection of the things that I have gotten around to writing about and posting up on here. Some highlights, some lowlights, some mid-lights. Basically is stuff that I have written, erm.

Yeah – well that was a strange rambling introduction and now without further ado, in order for you get to know me better, here is transcript of a short interview that I conducted with myself…(true story).

K* – How do other people describe you? 

K* – Some people call me “The Space Cowboy”, some call me “The Gangster of Love”, some people call me “Maurice”, cause I speak of the pompitious of love..

K*- Hold on! Those are the lyrics to “The Joker” by the Steve Miller Band!

K* – No they aren’t…

K*- Yes, they are! Ok what does “pompitous of love” mean?

K*I – dunno… what does hippopotamus mean? What does hypothalamus mean?

K*- That makes no sense!?

K*- Think about it…

K*- Ok… (sighing at the ridiculousness of this “self interview”).. lets move on. Lets go to a quick fire interview. What is your favourite film?

K*- Ferris Beuller’s Day Off

K*- What is your favourite cheese?

K*- A hardcore mature chedder

K*- What do you do in your spare time?

K*- Capoeira, listen to music, snowboard, play guitar, hatch evil schemes, run, cycle, film stuff, take pictures, write, jump about, go on TV shows, swim,, read. .. gargle mouthwash, say the word “splendid”…

K*- Are you taking this interview seriously?


K*- Ok two more questions then i’m sodding off. What is your beverage of choice?

K*- Rum and ginger beer

K*- What is your ultimate ambition?

K*- To go to Kobe in Japan and eat Kobe Beef.

K*- Oh that seems attainable! Why don’t you?

K*- I have an issue with it being slightly cannibalistic and am concerned that too many Kobe’s in one place may trigger the end of the world. Like total “Total Protonic Reversal” off of Ghostbusters, or typing Google into Google…

K*- Right… interview over…

K*- Love you, bye!